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Complete Transparency

Our marketing services have complete transparency for a reason. We work hard to provide internet marketing that is better and more affective than the competition.



Our Plan


Search engines have changed their policies, rendering prior methods of search engine placement ineffective. We map out a specific plan for your business that is executed over a long period of time. The only true way to build a solid internet presence takes patience and dedication. The phrase "slow and steady wins the race" definitely holds true when it comes to today's internet marketing. Search engines want to see your internet presence mature and progress naturally and qualitatively.


Account Management

Each of our clients have their own account manager assigned to their business's internet profile. Every task that gets completed each month is thoroughly reviewed for quality control by a knowledgeable professional who gets paid well to make sure that your business is improving on the internet. Nothing about our monthly services becomes ritualized. 



There is no limit to the internet marketing we provide. We set up a multitude of different profiles that include social network sites, directories, blogs, articles and ads such as craigslist. We also control the volume of content that is generated for your business under these different categories. Search engines like Google have become very sophisticated. Google knows when a business is trying to manipulate search engine results. For this reason, we submit to directories on a slow and continuous basis.


Response Based

Every month, we review how your business is doing. Our account managers find out where traffic is coming from the most and then assign tasks to be completed that are related to those sources. Every industry is different, and the only way to maximize a company's presence online is to understand it's particular marketplace. This is what our marketing is centered around; Knowing your particular niche within the industry in question, and then providing work that is tailored to suite the needs of your business on the web.


Reducing Your Cost

Like the retail business, we buy in bulk. Press releases, for example, cost about 500.00 to submit a single release. We sign up for an annual subscription and then pass the savings onto our clients. A service that would usually cost you upwards of $500.00 is included with our marketing services in addition to the many other tasks that get completed each month.


No Contracts

Our Services are month to month. If you are not satisfied with the results we achieve, you can cancel. No questions asked. With this kind of arrangement, there is no margin for error. We have to succeed for our clients. With that said, building a solid internet presence doesn't happen over night. It needs time to grow and prosper. A majority of our clients experience the full benefits of our marketing after 6-12 months, though some have seen a dramatic increase in traffic after only a few weeks.