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We Are Affordable For Everyone

Unlike Most  internet marketing firms, we make our services affordable for small business. We only charge $229.00 per month. Each of our clients recieve up to two working days a month. We also include press releases with Pr web which is a total value of over $500.00 just for one release.


Social Directory Listings:

We submit 2-3 directories per month. Each directory listing is completed in full. All the details about your business will be included along with descriptive images.



Social Network Sites:

We set up at least 2 new social network sites each month and manage existing sites by adding new content, contacting new social media members and posting promotional offers in accordance with what you want to offer.




Each month, we set up 1-2 blogs and continually manage them by adding new posts. It is not enough to just set up a blog and then never add new content. Google knows when empty blogs are created in an attempt to boost search engine placement. This will end up hurting search ranking rather then helping. You need a program set in place that makes sure every blog is updated and includes quality content. Setting up a blog usually costs well over $100.00.



Press Releases:

On Average, we send out a press release for our clients every other month. This value alone cost more than what we charge each month.



Site visits:

On average, within the first three months, our marketing services bring traffic levels from 20 -30 visits per month to well over 100 unique visitors. Clients who stay signed up for longer than six months receive well over 200 unique visitors each month. Doing the math, 100 visitors costs about $400.00 if you signed up with Google adwords, the leading source for "pay-per-click" campaigning.



You can expect to pay well over $500.00 for our monthly marketing services. We have worked very hard to bring together a marketing program that provides top quality marketing at a fraction of the price that competitors charge. Give us a call today. we would be glad to prove our technique and answer any questions you may have.