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Email Marketing


Streamline your sales
Updated on 07/09/2012 at 06:51PM
Each item displayed in your email promotions will also be a link that navigates your customers directly to the appropriate page for reviewing and purchasing the selected item.   Our email templa ...
Posted on 05/31/2011 at 02:12AM
We include your company logo with every email template designed to reinforce your company image and brand     Our Email Marketing templates will help you develop a company image and brand. W ...

Service Overview

Our email marketing application will help you develop and maintain good relationships with your customers by communicating with them regularly about promotions and updates on product information. Email marketing is also an effective source of advertisement to promote your business to potential customers. Our automated email response sends emails that advertise promotions that are specific to the recipient's purchase history making email marketing even more effective. In addition, all emails sent from your website will be enveloped by a unique email template that resembles your company image and brand. Our customized email template also includes links to your site, your contact information and social networks. Incorporating these links will provide direct, immediate access to your products making them readily available for purchase at the time that your store promotions are being reviewed.