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Mobile Web Development

Service Overview

With 25 percent of all internet searches being conducted on smart phones, your business cannot afford to be without a completely optimized mobile template. right now, we are making it easy for you to upgrade your web presence by including mobile website templates for free. All you need to do is sign up for our monthly marketing, and we'll include your mobile website free of charge. In the realm of internet marketing, every avenue for making conversions needs to be utilized. For this reason, we are happy to include these services for free. We know our marketing works. 




Mobile Website Features

Click To Call Button

At the top of the template, we include a click to call button. When people are surfing the web via their smart phones, more than ever they are ready to buy. We make it easy for your potential customers to interact with your employees.

Get Directions Button

Right along side the call button, we position a get directions button so the interested party can locate your business without having to make an additional step on their own. Simplicity is key for converting customers on the web.

Coupon Feed

Directly under the call-to-action buttons, we insert a coupon feed that pulls promotions directly from your website and displays them promptly at the top of you mobile website template.

Simplified Page Icons

If the coupons are not enough, our mobile templates include easy to use navigations that include only the most important pages of your website. Reducing the amount of content will make your site more attractive and engaging to potential customers while reviewing your business from their smart phones.

website template optimized to be displayed on mobile phones