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Google Penguin Update: How it Affects You

Google has recently released an update to there indexing algorithm, called penguin. By now it is widely known and feared by many companies who currently have a website and many Internet marketing providers. The reason being is that Google has now made it so the tricks of the trade that were being applied for fast tracking to the top of the list are now being targeted and any website found to have been implementing these techniques or that continues to do so has either been blacklisted or will be very soon.

The main idea of this update was to promote websites with quality content and weed out websites that implement questionable SEO tactics.

The main idea:

  • Focus on quality over everything else
  • Clean out websites practicing questionable SEO
  • Promote link relevancy
  • Make sites more accurate and readable
  • Give everyone a fighting chance

A lot of people are saying SEO is dead and even more are denying the fact. The truth is that it doesn't matter anyway. If we don't have to implement these shady techniques in order to be recognized then all the better. No more writing content that doesn't make sense and making links that look like they were produced by a machine.


The affects of Penguin on Us and our clients

We know first hand the affects of the mighty penguin. After it's launch, we had a couple sites fall by the way side. We weren't doing anything questionable. We had the city name in all the footer links and we used it in the content more than we needed to (luckily our system allows us to update all of our clients websites very easily and in a matter of seconds). On top of that, we also found that there were links from low quality sites to our clients websites. And with the new focus on quality this was a big no-no in Google's eyes. 


Penguin forced us to re-consider how we were doing Internet marketing leading us to fine tune our approach. In the past we were adding our clients to as many directories, social network sites, forums and blogs as possible because we wanted them to be found through a variety of different avenues. After penguin, Google made it harder for us to use this approach by penalizing the use of low quality backlinks. They also watch now to see if the frequency at which a company gets listed, on these sites, seems organic or forced (like through the use of submission bots). So, now we use a long and systematic approach to building our clients on-line presence. This is the way we have always preferred to do things anyway. In the past though, we had to stay competitive, with all the companies out there doing things the wrong way (which was actually the right way at the time).


The point is SEO is an ever changing monster. Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines out there are going to continue fine-tuning, updating and changing there policies. Luckily we had the system, the staff and the know-how to be able to update and adapt, otherwise who knows where our clients sites would be. All of our sites, including the ones that dissapeared after the update, were back on top and thriving a week after the release of penguin.


I honestly believe that it is important to subscribe to online marketing services, as long as it's not a scam company who is just taking your money and not doing anything. Think of it as website insurance, without all the red tape. Which brings me to the subject of my next article.....


-- Aaron Moon, CEO @ RocketForce.NET

Posted on 08/31/2012 at 10:05PM

Updated on 09/03/2012 at 11:47PM


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