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Online Ordering For Restaurants

Online Ordering For Small Restaurants: Whats the hold-up?

Maximizing restaurant sales in today's market just can't be done without the support of a well planned online marketing campaign; One that includes a quality website that implements the right functionality to complement ordering demands from both the customer and restaurant owner. Too many potential customers rely too heavily on the Internet as a primary medium for purchasing goods and services to ignore the lucrative gains that would fallow from an Internet marketing & web development venture.


Whats the hold-up?

For the majority of small restaurant owners who are still living in the Internet dark ages, the sole obstacle standing between them and where they can be is intimidation. Business owners fear what they don't know or understand. And why not? like any business investment, things can go horribly wrong when blindfolds are worn. On the other hand, if one is going to maintain a healthy bottom line while changes occur in the marketplace, ignorance towards the exploration of new strategy is not the answer either.


Online Ordering is a mystery for small restaurants

So why does Online marketing remain to be a mystery to the world of small restaurant ownership? While the population of Internet savvy consumers is steadily climbing into the hundreds of millions in the U.S. alone, many business owners, especially in the restaurant industry, are not part of this growing statistic. Why? The answer is age. Owners of small restaurants tend to be between 50-65 years old, too old for the internet apparently. Or at least for the most part. Most people who were not raised on the Internet will never appreciate what this magnificent network has to offer. It is hard to believe that there are still people, even in the United States, who barely have an understanding of the web beyond mainstream search engines.


Online Ordering Consequences for small business?

Large corporate chains have dominated the web. Just think of any corporate restaurant and then type the restaurant name+Online sales into Google and the number will, no doubt, disgust you. It is true what they say. What you don't know can hurt you and especially for small restaurant owners. Considering that their food is usually a lot better than anything found on the web, you can't help but wonder what sales would be like for the first wave of small restaurants who implement the right Online ordering technology into their businesses.


Online Ordering on the horizon

Will Small Restaurants ever jump on the band wagon? I think it is safe to say that the Internet has already made its mark on capitalism. The future holds even more fortune for those who invest in the right Online marketing & web development campaigns. In my experience, the sooner a business implements Online ordering into their business operations, the more return they will experience from their investment. This will hold true for the restaurant industry because competition amongst smaller independent restaurants on the web is limited but will ever increasingly expand in years to come. Those who lead this trend will definitely benefit the most.


-Blake Warner

Posted on 05/19/2012 at 05:38AM


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