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What Makes A Web Developer


What does it take to build quality websites? With the massive introduction of free software for building websites, the general consensus seems to be that anyone can develop websites. All that is required is the downloading of various Content Management Systems like the infamous Word Press and the skill and knowledge that used to be a prerequisite to construct a quality site is no longer needed.


When I discuss with clients the numerous aspects of web development involved to produce a quality site, they always seem to raise the same issue. My best friend, brother, colleague, on and so forth made a site for their business using one of those free systems so why do I need to hire you? and my response is always the same. Of course anyone can build a website. The reason is simple. Web development has many aspects involved with various levels of skill and knowledge requirements to successfully address the many disciplines involved in developing a quality site. Keeping in mind all that is needed to have a website is a file with content saved in it and a URL address pointed to that file, it doesn't take much to create a basic site. But what does that amount too? Most people who consider for the first time building a website for their business have no idea the scope of background needed to develop an effective website. As a consequence, many first timers have the impression that simply building a site will deliver the results they want.


Usually, after attempting to build a site, first timers realize where the money goes when hiring on a professional web development firm to do the job. Even if you know what you are doing, to build a quality site, several days are needed and usually by a group of individuals including at least one advanced programmer, graphic designer, copy writer and some one who has knowledge of Internet marketing. When all these crucial elements of web development are considered, it is very easy to spend thousands of dollars on a website. This is where I convince my clients that they should utilize my services.


There are a few reasons for this. The first and, by far, most important reason is our competitive pricing that is made possible by the development system we use. Like 99 percent of web development firms, we don't use word press, Joombla or any free developmental /content management systems to build websites. Our web development firm uses an in-house system that cuts development time and effort in half. While all web development firms a like charge about $1,500.00 average to include free content management systems into their web development projects, our system comes standard with every site we construct. We do not factore the value of our content management system into our development costs because we don't have to. Secondly, we don't need to pay a team of professionals to build fully functional websites. Our system does most of the work for us which allows my partner and I to focus more on design, marketing and copy writing.


In conclusion, if you are like many professionals today who feel they can develop a website without professional assistance, you should ask your self two questions. How much is your time worth? and secondly, how much would your business benefit from having a professional and fully functional website. Most likely, if your business would benefit from expanding online, the time it would take for you to figure out how to build a website would cost much more than hiring a web development firm to build the site in the first place. As I stated before, I t doesn't take much to build a basic website. However, there are many different aspects of web development that can require a lot of skill, knowledge and experience to build an effective and lucrative site.

Posted on 06/13/2012 at 05:39AM


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