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eMarketer, Internet Marketer, Online Marketer or ....

Whatever you want to call us, it all amounts to the same thing: someone that helps spread the word about your business to the internet world. But it's more than that to us. We make sure all of our clients understand they can count on us for whatever they need really. There are too many companies out there that have given honest, hard working, loyal companies like us a bad name. It really sucks when we talk to potential clients and they have a hard time trusting us. I have been in the industry since 1998 and I have been involved in many different projects. But for some reason b2b marketing has always been my bread & butter. I love small businesses and I love being able to provide a means for them to compete with major corporations. I guess you can say, I have a passion for it. Over the years I have gained a lot of knowledge on internet marketing: the do's and dont's, strategies, pitfalls and of course the benefits. When I first started developing websites there was not a huge emphasis on search engines & search engine optimization was not really talked about. In fact optimizing for search engines back in the day meant making sure your keywords were on your pages 1000 times. There were no penalties for keyword stuffing back then. Also, search engines weren't looking for back-links or quality content. I don't even think they were smart enough to determine if content was quality or not anyway.

Alright to the point.....

Nobody understands what goes into internet marketing as much as an internet marketer or people who have tried to market online only to fail. It's not as easy as stuffing all your keywords on your page, in fact if you do that you are almost guaranteed to get black-listed. Now day's it's about writing content that makes sense but still focuses and re-iterates the keywords/keyphrases you are optimizing for. You need to also make sure that you appear to be an authority in the search engines eyes. That means, like I talked about on my post about the penguin update, having a solid foundation of back-links from known and trusted sources that contain original quality content.


WARNING: Using automated submission websites/software will lead to the dissapearance of your website from search engines!

I am emphasizing this because it is very important. If you are venturing out in to the world of DIY internet marketing you need to be wary of any person, software, website that says they will submit your company to hundreds of directories or add back-links to hundreds of sites for you. This is a no-no! Since the focus is on quality now, you need to make sure that each back-link to your site is not half-assed, lacking content, using duplicate content or on an unknown or blacklisted source. This brings me to another point. If you have back-links to your website, make sure they are quality. In fact go to Alexa enter your domain, check your back link sources and verify the sites they are coming from. If anyone needs help, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. There are other ways of finding out your back-links as well. You could go to google and type replacing with our own domain, of course.

What does an eMarketer do?

We've already talked about the focus of internet marketing and what to watch out for, etc.. It really takes a lot to be successful. For instance, this is what we do for our clients:

Initial Set-up


  • Write original quality content throughout the site focusing on the key-phrases we are optimizing them for.
  • We set them up with a free effective website design. Getting found is only half the battle, you need to make sure a potential customer can order services/products or contact you in one way or another once they get to your site. Most importantly, they are going to make a decision about whether or not they are interested in your company right away. Be sure you impress them.
  • Write and publish a press release about their business.The power of press releases is substantial and the impact it has on your web presence is dramatic. That said, it is not permanent, this is why we do the following work on a month-to-month basis for our clients.


  • Add them to social network sites. We don't just create the profile pages, we optimize them. We make sure they are completely filled out, with quality content and pictures. We also start getting them friends, etc..
  • Add them to quality directories. Again we make sure the directory profile pages are filled out completely and the content is original, qualitative and optimized.
  • We create and maintain multiple blogs.Each month we write original, quality articles.

We like getting our clients involved also. The more they do, the better. If we can get each client to write one article a week for their website blog, it is going to dramatically increase their presence and the value of their website.

Wrapping it up in a nice package.

Internet marketing is more than just search engine optimization. To us, it's about steadily growing and maintaining your presence and authority online and having a beautiful, effective and functional website that gives potential customers no other choice but to stay and learn more.

I want to hear about your experience with DIY internet marketing.

Posted on 09/04/2012 at 10:50AM


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